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Yesterday, Gamersbury officially kicked off. It started during the morning with song requests being tweeted and a host of them flooding in. I managed to keep up and post most of them.

I was really tempted to install Steam on my work PC but I don’t think my boss would have approved. No TF2 for me then!

So, work was music. Home was gaming and drinking. It started with, Battlefield Bad Company 2, sniping fools while I was blasting classic rock and drinking beer. Fun times were had

Then we moved onto Uncharted 2, joined by schkit and WorldOfHurt. Only managed 2 games due to.time constraints but we still managed to work.together and win a match.

I know people carried on with Gamersbury, like schkit with Burnout:Paradise and I saw djhobbs playing Alice Madness.

I wish everyone a good continuing Gamersbury even though I cannot take part today.


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