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First Eurogamer Expo

From the 22nd to the 24th of September Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre was home to the Eurogamer Expo.

My brother and I arrived at the centre at 9:30am, an hour and a half before doors opened so we were near the front. It’s lucky we were there that early because the queue was eventually the length of the building and the building was long.  The atmosphere was relaxed with people just chatting or playing on their handhelds.

At 11am, doors opened and the gamers streamed in. The whole place was like a cave of wonders, with gaming treasures all around us.

I started of with a bit of Ico HD and it looked and played well. My brother gave Shadows of The Collosus a go and it too looked stunning.  Then we moved onto Assassin’s Creed Revelations which had the multiplayer set up, 2 teams either side of the large promotional divide. Our team played a few rounds and won them all.

By this time queues were forming at all the big draws, the biggest at the OnLive booth where people went to claim there free consoles. The line never seemed to get smaller and so I didn’t get a free console.

Skyrim was also a huge draw and I watched others play it, as again the queue was so long. The visuals were simply breath taking and I can’t wait to fully immerse myself in it.

Rage was also on show and again it looked great with decent gameplay, a mix of Borderlands and Fallout.

Then we went to Ubisoft’s Dev conference, where the devs showed off exclusive screens and artwork. The game itself looks brilliant, with a much darker tone.

Other games we played included Uncharted 3 (awesome), TinTin, which is a simple puzzle platformer, Rugby 2011 where I lost heavily against my brother, PES 2012, though good not quite a FIFA contender.

There was so much to see and do that the 1 day I went just wasn’t enough. Maybe next year I’ll go all 4 days.


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