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The London Riots

Now, usually this blog is kept for the world of gaming and all the rumours that fly through it. Keeping track of that is hard enough. However, over the last few days we have all seen something that we don’t wish to see and that is the country being attacked. I’m a former resident of London, still live near London and have a lot of friends in London who are scared and worried with the events going on around them. The sights I’m seeing disgust me and I know I’m not alone in that feeling.

The destruction of buildings, the burning of people’s homes and businesses, making people unemployed and destroying their livelihoods. This is far beyond criminal activity. This is an act of terrorism. I’m seeing people support the rioters and to them I say get the fuck off this island. We are part of a society that respects freedom. By acting like this you have become the enemy of freedom. Your actions will have consequences and these consequences will be the further restriction of freedoms, justified by security officials due to these riots and attacks.

To those who do not support the rioters, find pictures of them, identify them and notify the police. Get these people off of our streets and take back our communities. And if you riot tonight,  I hope the police throw you in a cell.


Timesplitters is an awesome francise and I pity those who have never experienced the madness of it.  The arcade modes were always insane. Sticking bombs to foes, monkeys, robots, mummies. This game has it all! So, it’s been a mystery as to why there hasn’t been a release of a Timesplitters game on the 360 and Ps3. At one point in time this franchise was one of the big boys.


Then yesterday an image appeared. A glimmer of hope.


This image comes from OPM. The first acknowledgement that TimeSplitters 4 may be on the way. Please, let it happen. Just imagine the madness online!


Over the last couple of days news for Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) has been leaking out quite consistently. So what news has hit this week that about Bioware’s MMO. Well:


We have a potential box are candidate for box with a pre order bonus of a stone for your lighstaber to cnage its effect. The box itself is similar to those of KOTOR and KOTOR 2. It also fits the style of the old Star Wars posters so it’s keeping traditional.


A leaked picture of all the stuff you’ll get for the Collector’s Edition. You might want to start saving though as this could cost you £150/$220. How limited will the Collector’s Edition be? No idea.

Also it’s rumoured that you can Preorder the game from this Thursday. The full details, including a release date, are expected to be announced at Comic Con which is happening in San Diego from July 21st to July 24th. and

Those two domain names were registered by Microsoft and speculation has thrown up some rumours.

1. Microsoft has registered these domains to protect them. You never know what the future may hold and it’s an investment in case they work on a project together.

2. Microsoft and Sony are working together on the a next gen console.  The game landscape has changed. The mobile games market alone is worth billions and it might be an idea to streamline costs. Sony takes care of hardware and Microsoft takes care of the online system.

3. Microsoft will work with Sony to bring their live TV service to Sony TV’s. Microsoft has said it wants to work with TV developers and Sony is one of the big ones with millions of their TVs selling. Makes sense if Microsoft want to reach a big audience.

That’s just a few suggestions though and I’m sure there are more theories out there. Do you have any?

Better get your plants ready! It seems like zombies are going to invading your facebook profile! And you might not have much chance to prepare because you’ll be addicted to popping pegs.

According to a a presentation screen, first spotted by the folks over, EA and PopCap titles will be heading to Facebook. Here’s the screen in all of its glory!



Check out point 4 especially.


So, you know how unproductive Facebook made you at home and work? That was nothing. If these games hit say bye to your social, work and family lives.

This the big rumour today courtesy of

Apparently, Windows 8 will allow you to pop in a 360 disc into your PC and play the game. Of course, your PC will have to be powerful enough to run the games. But what if you don’t have an Xbox 360 and lack the games?

Never fear! The download market is here! Well, for a price anyway. PC Gamers will be able to buy a program that acts like the Xbox 360 Marketplace, and allow gamers to download full titles. Maybe this will stop PC gamers having to wait for console releases ported over.

So, why do this?

Is this a signal that Microsoft are moving onto their next console and so not too worried about losing hardware sales on the Xbox 360? Why buy a 360 when you can play the games on your PC?

It’s a likely scenario and would fit with the rumours that the next MS console is going to be revealed at E3 2010.

How long have rumours about GTA V been going on? Well any semi concrete ones have been surfacing since spring with the leaked casting call list, rumours of it being set in Los Angeles, the webdomains which scream of GTA satire companies. Really, a GTA 5 reveal is probably the most obvious, unsurprising announcment we’ll get.

According to Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) an announcment for GTAV is pretty much overdue. Now the question is, how and when?

Will Rockstar create a big ad campaign for TV?  Start a viral campaign online? Just stick a trailer on youtube and wait?

Who knows?

But the most unsurprising yet exciting announcement should not be far away.


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