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The PS4 Rumours

So, the past couple of days have been going mental about the possibility of the PS4 being announced and released next year. The rumours are that the PS4 will have control’s that are similar to Microsoft’s Kinect and that production will begin in late 2011 with the model being unveiled at E3 2o12. The source of these claims is a ‘Taiwanese manufacturing company’. Alarm bells should be ringing and red flags going up when reports can’t name which Taiwanese company came out with these claims. If you can’t name your source then it’s probably not true. That’s one of the first things I learnt in Journalism school

Maybe the source wanted to remain anonymous as they didn’t want to be reprimanded by Sony and lose the contract. Well, if that’s the case then this company should have kept it’s mouth shut as Sony would  know which companies will be manufacturing the PS4 so all they have to check is which company in Taiwan is doing the work and retract the contract as they would probably be allowed to do so legally as I’d assume Sony would have signed Non Disclosure Agreements with all manufacturers and any breach of that opens a company up to legal action.

Also, Sony are insisting on the 10 year plan for the PS3 and any announcement of the PS4 next year will go against everything Sony have said. So, to sum up, the PS4 is not going to go into production this year, there will be no big reveal at E3 2012 and a Taiwanese company has probably black listed itself for being untrustworthy.


GTA V Coming in 2012


We all know it’s coming even though Rockstar haven’t officially announced it. We’ve seen the cast call list and the strange web domains that point to GTA style humour. Hell, there are even rumours going around that it will be set in a real world Los Angeles. And now according to a report from the guys over at Gamespot, GTAV is ‘likely’ to be released in 2012. They quote a close Rockstar source. My own network of people have also told me that GTA V is close to completion and is being tested for bugs and glitches. We still have quite a few game shows this year so maybe Rockstar will make an announcement at one of those.



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