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Blizzard’s Titan is a ‘Casual MMO.’

Blizzard, current rulers of the MMORPG Realm with their cash cow World of Warcraft, a fantasy realm built for the most hardcore and dedicated of players, a gaming experience that offers everything a core gamer wants.


So, why is there now a report that Blizzard’s next title, Titan, will be a ‘casual’ MMO? This is according to Arvind Bhatia, analyst for Stern Agee.

The word casual evokes the sense that the next MMO will be accessible to gamers of all abilities from the most hardcore right down to the person who plays Wii Bowling once every week or something. And it makes sense that Titan would be aimed at a huge potential market. Remember who Blizzard’s partners are?

Activision, publisher known to churn out yearly releases for big cash payoffs!

A casual MMO would open the MMO world up to millions of people where they wouldn’t have to worry about their stats so much but more just create a character, play and level up to unlock perks just like in Call of Duty. They won’t worry about equipping a certain weapon or armour that will compliment their stat set. It’ll be a simple concept and hugely popular.

Get ready people, the casual MMO is coming and soon you’ll be raiding with your grandparents!


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