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Weekend Update

The rumour mill has been quiet this weekend. However the past week some interesting developments.

Big rumour is that the original Crysis will be coming to Xbox 360, a rumour backed by a listing from the Game Ratings Board of South Korea.  Now that rumour is making the rounds I’d expect a release date soon.

A sad but confirmed rumour was about another studio closure. Black Rock Studio, devs of Split Second, were closed down by Disney.

Another rumour is of a new Sonic game coming to Wii, entitled Sonic Paradise. Now this came from a studio rep but they later redacted the statement. Guess the news wasn’t supposed to come out yet. It’ll make sense that Nintendo will want to cash in on Sonic’s 20th birthday.

Also, rumour has it that Blizzard’s Titan is a casual mmo. Does that put it in the same league as Second Life? Hope not.

Enjoy your weekend, even if it is nearly over.


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