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GamingRumours presents GAMERSBURY! (1st Official)

So, it’s Glastonbury Festival this weekend, one of the biggest music festivals in the world known for great music, great atmosphere and mud. However, if like me, you are not going or have been left behind by friends who are going then I have an idea for you.

GamingRumours presents GamersBury!

Enjoy all the main acts of Glastonbury from the comfort of your own home. Turn up that radio to full volume, grab some alcohol unless  you’re underage, then grab some coke (unless you’re awesome at sneaking alcohol*) turn on your games console or PC of choice, and settle in for the best gaming weekend of the year!

How you celebrate Gamersbury is totally up to you because it is the festival for Gamers by Gamers!

*GamingRumours does not support or condone underage drinking…


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