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Rumour Round Up: The One with Two Discs

The weekend was relatively peaceful on the rumour front, as they usually are but last night and early this morning rumours started flying around. Here are the ones that hold the most importance.


Battlefield 3 shipping on 2 discs for Xbox 360
The source of this rumour is a Japanese poster showing the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 will ship on DVD ROM x 2.

There hasn’t been confirmation yet but we all know BF3 is going to be big. Maybe this may just show how big BF3 will be. Will campaign mode be on one disc and multiplayer on another? Are the game modes on one disc and the special features, making of etc on another? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Status: Unconfirmed


Syphon Filter 4 coming Winter 2012

This rumour comes from the guys and gals of OPM Italy. The rumours of a new Syphon Filter have been going around for months, ever since an accidental listing by PlayStation, which was quickly removed. Syphon Filter 4 is said to be a sequel to Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, which was released on PSP.  Tokyo Game Show is round the corner so an actual reveal could be on the cards there.

Status: Unconfirmed
Dragon Quest X has a subscription fee

Dragon Quest X has only just been recently revealed for both Wii and Wii U but the sharp eyed among us (Kotaku) have noticed the following info:

Platform: Wii/Wii U
Release Date: (Wii) Planned for 2012/(Wii U) TBA
MSRP・User Fee: (Wii/Wii U) TBA

Also notice the lack of release date info for the WiiU.  The subscriotion fee also has yet to be announced, again could be revealed at Tokyo Game Show.






Rumour Round Up: Pinch, Punch, First Day of the Month.

No returns!

Sorry, I had to get that little bit of childish behaviour out of the way. After yesterday’s quite long Rumour Round Up, today seems a lot quieter. What rumours surfaced today?


Team Bondi gone into administration!

This rumour first came about this morning and as the day has moved on it looks like this is true. Team Bondi are the developers behind LA Noire, which used their brilliant motion capture tech. However, soon after release, Team Bondi became embroiled in a lot of criticism mainly for how it treated people who worked there. Someone could still buy the studio and get it back on its feet, but with such a mixed reputation I believe Team Bondi has come to an end.
Status: Confirmed


Bioware working on Mass Effect Social Network Game

The link below takes us to a job listing for an artist to work on “an exciting, new, social game for gamers”.

With Mass Effect 3 mere months away and it being the end of Shepard’s story, this social game points to something that is Mass Effect related. Dragon Age Legends was quite successful so Bioware would be mad not to go down a similar path for one its biggest IPs.

Status: Unconfirmed


Also you could potentially join GamingRumours on Black Ops as Treyarch’s FPS has a Double XP event going on from tomorrow until Tuesday.




Today’s Quick Rumour Roundup

Last week was Gamescom and even though some rumours flew around beforehand there wasn’t much, if any vlaidation. There was no major reveal of TimeSplitters 4 like I’d hoped but there are still other Expo’s still to come this year so hope still remains. Eurogamer Expo is up next and I have my tickets to sample all the gaming glory including Skyrim & Arkham City.

Anyway, today we’ve had a couple of interesting rumours appearing around the web, mainly courtesy of OXM.  Let the round up begin!


Fable 4 will be getting a 2013 release!

This one comes from OXM and I have to back them on this. Fable is a huge franchise. Sure we have Fable Journey to come out at some point in the near future but it isn’t Fable 4.  I’d expect an official announcement at next year’s E3 Expo, possibly the biggest reveal of Microsoft’s conference if the rumoured next gen Xbox is a no show.

Duke Nukem getting a series reboot!

After years in development hell, Duke Nukem Forever was released to mediocre reviews. It’s release was encased in drama just as much as it’s development but all in all, most reviewers just didn’t show Duke love. Now, it appears Gearbox will look at the series and give it a reboot, as seems to be the fashion.  Rumoured title for the first installation is Duke Begins.  A homage to Batman Begins, maybe?

BBC iPlayer coming to Xbox 360 soon.

Another one courtesy of OXM and isn’t much of a surprise. The BBC have stated that they want to do this and as Microsoft see the 360 as a media centre they’d want the biggest TV Streaming service in the UK on their box. I’d say this will go live within the next couple of months, probably October.


That is it for today’s Rumour Round Up. If you have any tips then e-mail me at



Rumour: TimeSplitters 4 is getting an official reveal soon

Timesplitters is an awesome francise and I pity those who have never experienced the madness of it.  The arcade modes were always insane. Sticking bombs to foes, monkeys, robots, mummies. This game has it all! So, it’s been a mystery as to why there hasn’t been a release of a Timesplitters game on the 360 and Ps3. At one point in time this franchise was one of the big boys.


Then yesterday an image appeared. A glimmer of hope.


This image comes from OPM. The first acknowledgement that TimeSplitters 4 may be on the way. Please, let it happen. Just imagine the madness online!


What the heck are Microsoft and Sony planning? and

Those two domain names were registered by Microsoft and speculation has thrown up some rumours.

1. Microsoft has registered these domains to protect them. You never know what the future may hold and it’s an investment in case they work on a project together.

2. Microsoft and Sony are working together on the a next gen console.  The game landscape has changed. The mobile games market alone is worth billions and it might be an idea to streamline costs. Sony takes care of hardware and Microsoft takes care of the online system.

3. Microsoft will work with Sony to bring their live TV service to Sony TV’s. Microsoft has said it wants to work with TV developers and Sony is one of the big ones with millions of their TVs selling. Makes sense if Microsoft want to reach a big audience.

That’s just a few suggestions though and I’m sure there are more theories out there. Do you have any?

Rumour: Peggle and Plants vs Zombies headed to Facebook.

Better get your plants ready! It seems like zombies are going to invading your facebook profile! And you might not have much chance to prepare because you’ll be addicted to popping pegs.

According to a a presentation screen, first spotted by the folks over, EA and PopCap titles will be heading to Facebook. Here’s the screen in all of its glory!



Check out point 4 especially.


So, you know how unproductive Facebook made you at home and work? That was nothing. If these games hit say bye to your social, work and family lives.

Rumour: First GTA V Details to be released this summer

How long have rumours about GTA V been going on? Well any semi concrete ones have been surfacing since spring with the leaked casting call list, rumours of it being set in Los Angeles, the webdomains which scream of GTA satire companies. Really, a GTA 5 reveal is probably the most obvious, unsurprising announcment we’ll get.

According to Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) an announcment for GTAV is pretty much overdue. Now the question is, how and when?

Will Rockstar create a big ad campaign for TV?  Start a viral campaign online? Just stick a trailer on youtube and wait?

Who knows?

But the most unsurprising yet exciting announcement should not be far away.


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