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Rumours Confirmed or Not Part 2

Yes, a second run down in one day. So many rumour had been circulating prior to E3 that this has to be done.

Rumour: Halo CE HD remake to be announced at E3.

Confirmed or Not?  Oh yes it was. Microsoft hadn’t really been able to keep this a secret prior to E3 but it still made a big impace in the Gaming World.

Rumour: Santa Monica Studios revealing God of War 4 or New IP.

Confirmed or Not?  There was no showcase of GoW4 or a New IP. However it was announced that the PSP God of War titles are getting the HD treatment and will be avaliable as a collection on PS3 so some good news for fans of Kratos.

Rumour: Wii 2 to have HD Virtual Console

Confirmed or Not? It hasn’t been confirmed but I really can’t see Nintendo not realeasing HD versions of their games through Virtual Console on the WiiU. Both MS and Sony already do this.

Rumour:  Gears of War Exile to be shown at E3.

Confirmed or Not? Well, the much rumoured Kinect only version of a Gears of War game has so far not made an appearance and it most likely won’t. However, we know Gears of War Exile exists we just don’t know what it will be about.

Rumour:  CD Projekt to announce Witcher Titles for Consoles.

Confirmed or Not? Confirmed, well sort of. The Witcher 2 will be console exclusive to Xbox 360. 

Rumour:  Dance Central 2 to be announced at E3.

Confirmed or Not? Confirmed and in a Big Way. Over a hundred songs, excellent multiplayer and more improvements over the original best selling Kinect Game.

Rumour: Darksiders 2 to get Official Reveal at E3.

Confirmed or Not?  Darksiders got a reveal a few days before E3 kicked off. Main points of interest. You will play as Death and it will be coming to the WiiU.

Rumour: Sly 4 to be revealed at E3.

Confirmed or Not?  CONFIRMED. Such an awesome series and I cannot wait for it when Sly 4 releases next year.

Rumour: Last Story to Get Western Release on Wii

Confirmed or Not? Not yet but it is almost certainly to hit the US and Europe some point soon. However, if it will be for Wii or updated for WiiU. no one knows.

Rumour: Syphon Filter 4 to be revealed by Sony at E3:

Confirmed or Not? Unconfirmed I’m afraid though since there was a bit of a leak last week regarding Syphon Filter 4, I will be bet that it is revealed soon.

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