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Big Rumour Quashed : HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED…not

Every gamer has that game they’re waiting for be it a new offering from favourite publisher or a sequel in a successful franchise. This is regarding the latter and probably the most anticipated game of one of the most successful series ever.

Rumours were spreading this morning that a member of the Steam forums had happened across a CV which listed HL3 and so decided to post the image of the CV up. Apparently the image was quickly removed and the user permabanned. That sparked the conspiracy theories that the CV was genuine and Valve were stopping any information leaking.

Unfortunately, the Conspiracy Theorists were wrong (Who’d have thunk it?). Doug Lombardi has issued a statement to Game Informer saying:

“This is fiction…”

So, keep on hoping for an announcement of either Half Life 3 or Episode 3. But this can go in the trash pile. In the meantime, have an image of everyone’s favouritie silent protagonist.


Even he is upset about the news.


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