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Rumour Round Up: The Last Couple of Days

Brace yourselves. Rumours are coming. Quite a lot of them too, but that would be because I didn’t update when I should have. Whoops. So what rumours have been whispered across Gametopia?

Deus Ex DLC news being announced Monday (as in the Monday gone…Told you I was slow)

This rumour started making the rounds when the Deus Ex HR news ticker teased a special surprise for Monday. We expected some news of DLC. We got a code instead. Of course, this being the internet, that code was cracked within pretty a much a day. It all leads to the following image:

Don’t rule out the possibility that this is teasing DLC and it is still the most likely result , well in my opinion anyway.

Status: Unconfirmed

Epic Mickey 2 is in development.

I’ll admit that I haven’t played the first Epic Mickey but from what I’ve seen of it the game looks quite interesting and something that faithfully explores the vast disney universe and its history.  The source of these rumours is a disney survey which hints that the sequel is in development and will be avaliable on the PS3 and Xbox 360 too.

Status: Unconfirmed

New Monster Hunter to be announced at Tokyo Game Show

The Monster Hunter series is big in Japan, seriously big as in helping boost console sales big, and growing in other places, the most successful probably being Monster Hunter Tri in the West. I’ve played one Monster Hunter game on the PSP and it was an enjoyable experience. An announcement at Tokyo Game Show of the new Monster Hunter would be big news. The rumour stems from a Japanese Analyst firm, who even expect two Monster Hunter announcments. Monster Hunter Vita/ Wii U anyone?

Status: Unconfirmed

Persona 4 to be announced at Tokyo Game Show

This stemmed from a tease in Famitsu and within a day, Persona 4 Vita and a Persona 4 fighter were both confirmed to be in development.  No TGS reveal, but almost definitely going to be shown at TGS.

Status: Confirmed

Modern Warfare 3 to have 32 player maps and modes on console

This was a big rumour and it came from the following image:

Apparently the image comes from someone who managed to sneak a picture of this out from a closed showing but there has been no confirmation of that. There also hasn’t been any confirmation from Activision about this image. We’re most likely to find out whether this is true on Friday, when the Call of Duty XP event starts.

Status: Unconfirmed

Bayonetta 2 getting a reveal this week

This came from a tweet by Hideki Kamiya, founder of Platinum Games and creator of Bayonetta. He said it would be revealed in a games magazine this week. However series producer, Atsushi Inaba, said Hideki was joking. So maybe it was all a big joke, or Mr Inaba is trying to stop news of a sequel getting out too early. Maybe no reveal this week, but TGS could be the perfect place to drop the announcement of a sequel.

Status: Unconfirmed
That’s your lot so far, and after all that typing I don’t plan to fall behind again.


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