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Gaming Rumours Blog is up!

*Insert Fanfare*

The Gaming World’s Rumour Mill has now unveiled it’s officialy blog department. Here, I will be going into more details about rumours I tweet so you can get an idea of how and why I come to the conclusions I do. Sometimes it may be as simple as repeating a rumour from around the net. Other times it may be because I have cracked a mysterious code that leads me on some amazing adventure.

As we all know, this week is E3 aka the Biggest Gaming Showcase on Earth. If you’ve been following me then you’ll know I’ve had some pretty big rumours pass on through. Some have been correct, some have, so far been unfounded.

In the follow up post I will go through each rumour and see if I’ve been correct or not. Until then, you can follow me on Twiiter at

Also, if you have any tips or rumours you’ve heard then let me know either through the twitter or

So, who wants to spread a rumour?


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