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Rumour Round Up: Pinch, Punch, First Day of the Month.

No returns!

Sorry, I had to get that little bit of childish behaviour out of the way. After yesterday’s quite long Rumour Round Up, today seems a lot quieter. What rumours surfaced today?


Team Bondi gone into administration!

This rumour first came about this morning and as the day has moved on it looks like this is true. Team Bondi are the developers behind LA Noire, which used their brilliant motion capture tech. However, soon after release, Team Bondi became embroiled in a lot of criticism mainly for how it treated people who worked there. Someone could still buy the studio and get it back on its feet, but with such a mixed reputation I believe Team Bondi has come to an end.
Status: Confirmed


Bioware working on Mass Effect Social Network Game

The link below takes us to a job listing for an artist to work on “an exciting, new, social game for gamers”.

With Mass Effect 3 mere months away and it being the end of Shepard’s story, this social game points to something that is Mass Effect related. Dragon Age Legends was quite successful so Bioware would be mad not to go down a similar path for one its biggest IPs.

Status: Unconfirmed


Also you could potentially join GamingRumours on Black Ops as Treyarch’s FPS has a Double XP event going on from tomorrow until Tuesday.





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