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Rumour: Devil May Cry 3 HD Collection coming soon


Well that image does look convincing. A Spanish Retailer site seems to have outed the Devil MAy Cry HD Collection to be released on November 30th. It’s also listed as a PS3 exclusive. Rumours of a collection have been circulationg since before E3. However, the entry has since been removed from the website. Credit to Siliconera for spotting the entry first.

So, to all those who have bemoaned Dante’s new look, you can play as his original looking self in glorious HD after all.


Breaking Rumour: New Black Ops Map Pack Details Leaked

This is a breaking rumour all thanks to the following picture:



The image is of an apparent retail flyer which was first picked up by the keen eyed lot over at Digital Warfare 24/7. It could be a fake or it could be real but as of this moment there is no comment from Activision or Treyarch regarding the image.

Rumour Mill: Robin Will Be A Playable Character in Batman AC

Robin, a more divisive sidekick has not been brought into existence since he first joined forces with Batman.  DC have tried changing Robin so much to fit in with his times from Boy Wonder to Badass to Girl Wonder back to Boy Wonder. Point, there have been many Robins.




Anyway, back to the news that Robin will be a playable character in Batman: Arkham City. It must be stressed that this news has not come from official sources but instead an innocent shop listing on the Best Buy website.


So, it seems Best Buy has become the new villain when it comes to games leaks. I’ll contact Rocksteady to try and get some sense of this.


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