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The London Riots

Now, usually this blog is kept for the world of gaming and all the rumours that fly through it. Keeping track of that is hard enough. However, over the last few days we have all seen something that we don’t wish to see and that is the country being attacked. I’m a former resident of London, still live near London and have a lot of friends in London who are scared and worried with the events going on around them. The sights I’m seeing disgust me and I know I’m not alone in that feeling.

The destruction of buildings, the burning of people’s homes and businesses, making people unemployed and destroying their livelihoods. This is far beyond criminal activity. This is an act of terrorism. I’m seeing people support the rioters and to them I say get the fuck off this island. We are part of a society that respects freedom. By acting like this you have become the enemy of freedom. Your actions will have consequences and these consequences will be the further restriction of freedoms, justified by security officials due to these riots and attacks.

To those who do not support the rioters, find pictures of them, identify them and notify the police. Get these people off of our streets and take back our communities. And if you riot tonight,  I hope the police throw you in a cell.


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