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What the heck are Microsoft and Sony planning? and

Those two domain names were registered by Microsoft and speculation has thrown up some rumours.

1. Microsoft has registered these domains to protect them. You never know what the future may hold and it’s an investment in case they work on a project together.

2. Microsoft and Sony are working together on the a next gen console.  The game landscape has changed. The mobile games market alone is worth billions and it might be an idea to streamline costs. Sony takes care of hardware and Microsoft takes care of the online system.

3. Microsoft will work with Sony to bring their live TV service to Sony TV’s. Microsoft has said it wants to work with TV developers and Sony is one of the big ones with millions of their TVs selling. Makes sense if Microsoft want to reach a big audience.

That’s just a few suggestions though and I’m sure there are more theories out there. Do you have any?


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