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Rumour: First GTA V Details to be released this summer

How long have rumours about GTA V been going on? Well any semi concrete ones have been surfacing since spring with the leaked casting call list, rumours of it being set in Los Angeles, the webdomains which scream of GTA satire companies. Really, a GTA 5 reveal is probably the most obvious, unsurprising announcment we’ll get.

According to Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) an announcment for GTAV is pretty much overdue. Now the question is, how and when?

Will Rockstar create a big ad campaign for TV?  Start a viral campaign online? Just stick a trailer on youtube and wait?

Who knows?

But the most unsurprising yet exciting announcement should not be far away.



The PS4 Rumours

So, the past couple of days have been going mental about the possibility of the PS4 being announced and released next year. The rumours are that the PS4 will have control’s that are similar to Microsoft’s Kinect and that production will begin in late 2011 with the model being unveiled at E3 2o12. The source of these claims is a ‘Taiwanese manufacturing company’. Alarm bells should be ringing and red flags going up when reports can’t name which Taiwanese company came out with these claims. If you can’t name your source then it’s probably not true. That’s one of the first things I learnt in Journalism school

Maybe the source wanted to remain anonymous as they didn’t want to be reprimanded by Sony and lose the contract. Well, if that’s the case then this company should have kept it’s mouth shut as Sony would  know which companies will be manufacturing the PS4 so all they have to check is which company in Taiwan is doing the work and retract the contract as they would probably be allowed to do so legally as I’d assume Sony would have signed Non Disclosure Agreements with all manufacturers and any breach of that opens a company up to legal action.

Also, Sony are insisting on the 10 year plan for the PS3 and any announcement of the PS4 next year will go against everything Sony have said. So, to sum up, the PS4 is not going to go into production this year, there will be no big reveal at E3 2012 and a Taiwanese company has probably black listed itself for being untrustworthy.

Rumour: PS4 and Xbox 720 to be revealed at E3 2012


No, the Wii U doesn’t count. It’s a current gen console being released too late in my opinion.

Anyway, reports have come out from ‘sources’ close to developers and Sony and Microsoft claiming that both these consoles will be revealed in less than a year at E3 2012.

What are these rumours?

Xbox 720 – Been in development since 2006. However specs are unknown.

Chances – High. Let’s face it, the 360 is starting to show it’s age just a little even after its facelift last year. The Xbox720 could be a truly innovative machine with Kinect built in. How amazing would that be?

PS4 – Will be revealed in next 18 months. No specs.

Chances – Moderate. Not as high as Microsoft reveal because Sony keep reaffirming the 10 year life cycle. PS4 could be revealed next year but I’m sure Sony would want to spend 2012 concentrating on the PSVita. Maybe a 2013 reveal instead looking at a 2014 release. That to me makes more sense.

Big Rumour Quashed : HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED…not

Every gamer has that game they’re waiting for be it a new offering from favourite publisher or a sequel in a successful franchise. This is regarding the latter and probably the most anticipated game of one of the most successful series ever.

Rumours were spreading this morning that a member of the Steam forums had happened across a CV which listed HL3 and so decided to post the image of the CV up. Apparently the image was quickly removed and the user permabanned. That sparked the conspiracy theories that the CV was genuine and Valve were stopping any information leaking.

Unfortunately, the Conspiracy Theorists were wrong (Who’d have thunk it?). Doug Lombardi has issued a statement to Game Informer saying:

“This is fiction…”

So, keep on hoping for an announcement of either Half Life 3 or Episode 3. But this can go in the trash pile. In the meantime, have an image of everyone’s favouritie silent protagonist.


Even he is upset about the news.

Rumour Mill: Robin Will Be A Playable Character in Batman AC

Robin, a more divisive sidekick has not been brought into existence since he first joined forces with Batman.  DC have tried changing Robin so much to fit in with his times from Boy Wonder to Badass to Girl Wonder back to Boy Wonder. Point, there have been many Robins.




Anyway, back to the news that Robin will be a playable character in Batman: Arkham City. It must be stressed that this news has not come from official sources but instead an innocent shop listing on the Best Buy website.


So, it seems Best Buy has become the new villain when it comes to games leaks. I’ll contact Rocksteady to try and get some sense of this.


Rumours Confirmed Or Not Part One

So, I’ve been pretty active tracking down the rumours from around the net and tweeting them. Now I shall start going through the list and see if those rumours have become truth, dashed or still a possibility. Let’s go!


  1.  Rockstar’s Agent to use Team Bondi’s Motion Scan Tech – Disappointingly there has been no real info at this year’s E3 regarding Agent at all. However, I can’t see Agent not using this tech.  If this will be a spy type game then interrogations will be more than likely included. The fantastic tech used in LA Noire would be perfect for such a game and so file this under the 90% chance of happening file.

     2.    PS4 to launch Holiday 2014 – This is a long term prediction and it makes a lot of sense.  I’d expect a reveal at E3 2013 with a         release date of Holiday 2014.  This is because the PS3 10 year life cycle will be winding down and a release 2 years before the end of that cycle gives plenty of time for people to switch over as PS3 games development switches over to PS4.

    3.    New Starfox to be among Wii 2 launch titles – Well the Wii U has been officially unveiled and 11 titles have so far been confirmed for it so far. I still believe that Starfox will become the next series to get a full revival due to the remake of Starfox 64 on 3DS. Fans have been waiting a long time for a new entry and it would shift big among hardcore gamers.

   4.  GTA V to get reveal during Sony E3 Conference – This didn’t happen. It would have been the perfect reveal to bring faith back to the Sony brand after the hacking incident. Rumour trashed.

  5. Crackdown 3 set for E3 reveal – If this was going to happen it would have happened by now. Rumour trashed.

  6. Star Wars Kinect to be given official title and release date at E3 – Well it got the official title and a showcase. Still no release date though however, October or November seem likely. Rumour Semi – Confirmed

  7. The Sony NGP to be called PS Vita – Well this one is CONFIRMED. Looks like an amazing machine and looking forward to it.

      8.  Bungie to reveal New IP on July 7th 2011 – Still a rumour but July 7th is Bungie Day so a reveal of the New IP will be a perfect way to celebrate.

     9. WipEout to be a launch title for PS Vita – WipEout 2048 was revealed on the PS Vita and it looks absolutely fantastic. You may as well file this in the confirmed section of your files.

    10. Zelda Skyward Sword to get release date at E3 – An exact release date has not been given but Nintendo did confirm that it will be out this year at some point. So, rumour Semi Confirmed.


That’s the end of Part 1 of Rumour Confirmed or Not. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter and send me any e-mail at Don’t send spam though. I’m not really a fan. 



Gaming Rumours Blog is up!

*Insert Fanfare*

The Gaming World’s Rumour Mill has now unveiled it’s officialy blog department. Here, I will be going into more details about rumours I tweet so you can get an idea of how and why I come to the conclusions I do. Sometimes it may be as simple as repeating a rumour from around the net. Other times it may be because I have cracked a mysterious code that leads me on some amazing adventure.

As we all know, this week is E3 aka the Biggest Gaming Showcase on Earth. If you’ve been following me then you’ll know I’ve had some pretty big rumours pass on through. Some have been correct, some have, so far been unfounded.

In the follow up post I will go through each rumour and see if I’ve been correct or not. Until then, you can follow me on Twiiter at

Also, if you have any tips or rumours you’ve heard then let me know either through the twitter or

So, who wants to spread a rumour?

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