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What the heck are Microsoft and Sony planning? and

Those two domain names were registered by Microsoft and speculation has thrown up some rumours.

1. Microsoft has registered these domains to protect them. You never know what the future may hold and it’s an investment in case they work on a project together.

2. Microsoft and Sony are working together on the a next gen console.  The game landscape has changed. The mobile games market alone is worth billions and it might be an idea to streamline costs. Sony takes care of hardware and Microsoft takes care of the online system.

3. Microsoft will work with Sony to bring their live TV service to Sony TV’s. Microsoft has said it wants to work with TV developers and Sony is one of the big ones with millions of their TVs selling. Makes sense if Microsoft want to reach a big audience.

That’s just a few suggestions though and I’m sure there are more theories out there. Do you have any?


Rumour: PS4 and Xbox 720 to be revealed at E3 2012


No, the Wii U doesn’t count. It’s a current gen console being released too late in my opinion.

Anyway, reports have come out from ‘sources’ close to developers and Sony and Microsoft claiming that both these consoles will be revealed in less than a year at E3 2012.

What are these rumours?

Xbox 720 – Been in development since 2006. However specs are unknown.

Chances – High. Let’s face it, the 360 is starting to show it’s age just a little even after its facelift last year. The Xbox720 could be a truly innovative machine with Kinect built in. How amazing would that be?

PS4 – Will be revealed in next 18 months. No specs.

Chances – Moderate. Not as high as Microsoft reveal because Sony keep reaffirming the 10 year life cycle. PS4 could be revealed next year but I’m sure Sony would want to spend 2012 concentrating on the PSVita. Maybe a 2013 reveal instead looking at a 2014 release. That to me makes more sense.

Opinion: Sony Claim Wii U NOT A Threat, I Agree

So, over the weekend Jack Tretton uttered the following words:

“Our attitude is kind of ‘welcome to the party.’ If you’re looking at being a multimedia entertainment device, if you’re looking at high def gaming, that was 2006 for us.”

Welcome to the Party.

I have to say I agree with the sentiment. Sony and Microsoft both have machines that have been capable of HD gaming for 5 years plus features such as DVD Playback and in the PS3’s case, Bluray Play back as well as being 3D capable. The WiiU, though innovative with the new controller, has none of these.

Not even DVD playback, which is a last gen addition from both PS2 and the original Xbox. Nintendo may not like it but games consoles are becoming entertainment hubs and this appeals to the mass market, allowing for one device that can do pretty much anything.

Will the WiiU sell? Yes, of course it will but mainly due to curiousity about the way games can be played and some exclusives.

Will the WiiU sell better than the Wii? Hell no. The Wii grabbed the casual market and made gaming accessible to everyone. The WiiU is trying to focus on the core gamers and so will tailor games to this crowd.

Will I buy a WiiU? Possibly, but not at launch.  Remember when the Wii was called innovative and then became a place of shovelware with only a few gems amongst the mountain of rubbish? Yeah, even though the WiiU will tailor to the core gamer I can’t help but believe that Nintendo won’t abandon the money tree known as the casual market.


Then again, I’m predicting within 2 years of the WiiU launch both Sony and Microsoft will announce their new hardware making the WiiU look like a dinosaur. For all we know the WiiU could become the next Dreamcast…

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