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Gamersbury: The Final Day

Yesterday (Sunday 26th June) was the final day of Gamersbury and again I did not have access to a console for a whole day. But like most festivals, the main attraction is not the only attraction. Instead of any hardcore gaming I enjoyed the sunshine by first watching the European Grand Prix, not the most exciting race of the season and then spent time at the park playing some football and a bit of cricket.

Then, after some good food, courtesy of my aunt, it was a 2 hour journey to get back home which left me shattered. By the time I was at home it was close to midnight and I ended Gamersbury by watching South Park, it was that episode where they use Heavy Metal as the basis. If you don’t know what Heavy Metai is, then you have missed out on one of the strangest things I have ever seen.

See if you can track down a copy and watch it.

So, yeah, this year’s Gamersbury was a bit quiet but I do have some big ideas ticking over in my brain to make it bigger next year. I’ll let you know what those ideas are once I’ve sorted a few things out.


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