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Rumour Round Up: Hinted Reveal and other things

The weather outside is a bit crappy. That means you can do the best thing and game or the next best thing and read some rumours regarding your favourite hobby.


Max Payne 3 getting  first public showing on October 1st or 2nd.
Over those 2 dates the First Look Expo is occurring in Holland. Yeah, the First Look Expo. Now, Max Payne 3 is yet to get a public first look so where better than an event called First Look. Max Payne has been relatively quiet but if it is showing  in a few weeks, expect a release date to be revealed soon after.

Status: Unconfirmed


Xbox 360 getting a 3D patch.
Whether you’re a fan or not, 3D is currently the darling of the gaming industry. Nintendo have got in on it, albeit with mixed results. Sony have been championing it for months, with the PS3 capable of 3D and now it looks like Microsoft are joining the party. Rumours are that a firmware update adding 3D functionality to the 360 is only a couple of weeks away. Don’t be surprised if the update hits by October, with a new advertising strategy in the run up to Christmas.

Status: Unconfirmed


PS Vita release date is November 12 in Asia. Before 31st March everywhere else

This rumour could have a lot to go for it. Tokyo Game Show is only a little time away and PS Vita will have a big presence there. It’s almost guaranteed that the release dates will be revealed at TGS and since Japan usually gets hardware a few months before the West then it make senses that November will be that time. Sony is releasing the Vita this fiscal year and that ends on March 31st, so maybe Vita will be released early March or even February in the West.

Status: Unconfirmed


3 Million Dirt 3 Keys Leaked
AMD were partnering with Codemasters to give away some codes to those who purchased AMD products. These codes could be used to get Dirt 3 via Steam. Yesterday, reports were hitting that the codes had been leaked. Today, AMD confirmed that the codes had indeed been leaked. Now, before you get all excited about picking up a free copy of Dirt 3 with a compromised code, don’t bother. Steam will block all the codes and they will not work. Buy the game and support the devs guys.


PC Version of Dead Island is early developer build
PC gamers complained about how buggy Dead Island seemed to be.  Now, we’ve all encountered buggy games (I’m looking at you Fallout 3 and New Vegas) but at least we know the game is not an early build. Well, the more curious PC gamers decided to look into the bugs and apparently discovered that the version of Dead Island they paid for was in fact an early test build for the 360.  It was later confirmed that the wrong version had gone live for download. Oops.

Status: Confirmed


Monster Hunter Tri G is big Nintedo pre TGS reveal
I’ve commented before on how big Monster Hunter is as a series. Well, seems like it’s going to be avaliable on the 3DS soon, if some reports are to go by. Remember, how I said Monster Hunter is a console mover? Well it would be a great move by Nintendo to release a title on its flagging handheld and a reveal in Japan, where the series is the most popular, is just smart work.

Status: Unconfirmed


Devil May Cry HD Collection will be avaliable on PS3 and Xbox 360.
This long rumoured collection, which will apparently contain DMC 1, 2 & 3, has been spotted on the ESRB ratings list. The collection still hasn’t been officially confirmed but it really is becoming one of the worst kept industry secrets. I’m sure we’ll get a more definitive answer at Tokyo Game Show, where the new Devil May Cry will also make an appearance.


That’s it. Any tips? Just email or contact me via Twitter.






Rumour Round Up: The One with Two Discs

The weekend was relatively peaceful on the rumour front, as they usually are but last night and early this morning rumours started flying around. Here are the ones that hold the most importance.


Battlefield 3 shipping on 2 discs for Xbox 360
The source of this rumour is a Japanese poster showing the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 will ship on DVD ROM x 2.

There hasn’t been confirmation yet but we all know BF3 is going to be big. Maybe this may just show how big BF3 will be. Will campaign mode be on one disc and multiplayer on another? Are the game modes on one disc and the special features, making of etc on another? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Status: Unconfirmed


Syphon Filter 4 coming Winter 2012

This rumour comes from the guys and gals of OPM Italy. The rumours of a new Syphon Filter have been going around for months, ever since an accidental listing by PlayStation, which was quickly removed. Syphon Filter 4 is said to be a sequel to Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, which was released on PSP.  Tokyo Game Show is round the corner so an actual reveal could be on the cards there.

Status: Unconfirmed
Dragon Quest X has a subscription fee

Dragon Quest X has only just been recently revealed for both Wii and Wii U but the sharp eyed among us (Kotaku) have noticed the following info:

Platform: Wii/Wii U
Release Date: (Wii) Planned for 2012/(Wii U) TBA
MSRP・User Fee: (Wii/Wii U) TBA

Also notice the lack of release date info for the WiiU.  The subscriotion fee also has yet to be announced, again could be revealed at Tokyo Game Show.





Rumour Round Up: The Last Couple of Days

Brace yourselves. Rumours are coming. Quite a lot of them too, but that would be because I didn’t update when I should have. Whoops. So what rumours have been whispered across Gametopia?

Deus Ex DLC news being announced Monday (as in the Monday gone…Told you I was slow)

This rumour started making the rounds when the Deus Ex HR news ticker teased a special surprise for Monday. We expected some news of DLC. We got a code instead. Of course, this being the internet, that code was cracked within pretty a much a day. It all leads to the following image:

Don’t rule out the possibility that this is teasing DLC and it is still the most likely result , well in my opinion anyway.

Status: Unconfirmed

Epic Mickey 2 is in development.

I’ll admit that I haven’t played the first Epic Mickey but from what I’ve seen of it the game looks quite interesting and something that faithfully explores the vast disney universe and its history.  The source of these rumours is a disney survey which hints that the sequel is in development and will be avaliable on the PS3 and Xbox 360 too.

Status: Unconfirmed

New Monster Hunter to be announced at Tokyo Game Show

The Monster Hunter series is big in Japan, seriously big as in helping boost console sales big, and growing in other places, the most successful probably being Monster Hunter Tri in the West. I’ve played one Monster Hunter game on the PSP and it was an enjoyable experience. An announcement at Tokyo Game Show of the new Monster Hunter would be big news. The rumour stems from a Japanese Analyst firm, who even expect two Monster Hunter announcments. Monster Hunter Vita/ Wii U anyone?

Status: Unconfirmed

Persona 4 to be announced at Tokyo Game Show

This stemmed from a tease in Famitsu and within a day, Persona 4 Vita and a Persona 4 fighter were both confirmed to be in development.  No TGS reveal, but almost definitely going to be shown at TGS.

Status: Confirmed

Modern Warfare 3 to have 32 player maps and modes on console

This was a big rumour and it came from the following image:

Apparently the image comes from someone who managed to sneak a picture of this out from a closed showing but there has been no confirmation of that. There also hasn’t been any confirmation from Activision about this image. We’re most likely to find out whether this is true on Friday, when the Call of Duty XP event starts.

Status: Unconfirmed

Bayonetta 2 getting a reveal this week

This came from a tweet by Hideki Kamiya, founder of Platinum Games and creator of Bayonetta. He said it would be revealed in a games magazine this week. However series producer, Atsushi Inaba, said Hideki was joking. So maybe it was all a big joke, or Mr Inaba is trying to stop news of a sequel getting out too early. Maybe no reveal this week, but TGS could be the perfect place to drop the announcement of a sequel.

Status: Unconfirmed
That’s your lot so far, and after all that typing I don’t plan to fall behind again.

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