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Rumours Confirmed or Not Part 4

Rumours. Rumours. Rumours. Represent the hopes of many but can be dashed by one news story or press release. Well let’s see if the following were true or not.

Rumour: Resident Evil 6 to get E3 Reveal

Confirmed or Not: There was no mention of Resident Evil 6 at all during any major press conference. If you want your zombie/infected fix then you’ll have to choose either Dead Rising, Dead Island, Dead Nation, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Nazi Zombies, Plants vs Zombies…There are quite a lot of undead games aren’t there.

Rumour: Fable The Journey to be Kinect Game

Confirmed or Not:  Fable The Journey exists and yes it is a Kinect game. It’ll be interesting to see if this brings the core gamer back to Kinect or whether it is too gimmicky. Only time and user reviews will tell.

Rumour: Kingdom Hearts 3 to be announced at E3

Confirmed or Not: As far as anyone is aware KH3 just doesn’t exist or if it does, it’s so early in its development stage that it is not worth a mention.

Rumour: Microsoft will announce Xbox Live Diamond Service aka Project Opara.

Confirmerd or Not: This was confirmed by announcing that the Xbox360 would be an entertainment hub including Live TV, Youtube and Bing Search.

Rumour GTA V to be launch title for WiiU.

Confirmed or Not: No. This rumour that started flying around has not materialised and I really doubt it will. It’s not impossible that GTAV will find its way to the WiiU but not as a lauch title.

Rumour: Zelda Skyward Sword will be pushed back for Wii2.

Confirmed or Not: It is Zelda’s 25th Anniversary year but the WiiU doesn’t launch soon so in hindsight bit of a bad rumour. Nintendo will want a new big Zelda game to come out to celebrate 25 years of Link and so will release it on Wii. Ocarina of Time already has the 3DS covered.

Rumour Mass Effect 3 to have Multiplayer modes.

Confirmed or Not: This one is still unconfirmed but it really won’t be too surprising. Horde Mode with soldiers, mechs, Abominations etc could be pretty fun if done right. The Archangel Base from ME2 would be a pretty sweet map for this.

That’s that for this post. Since the weekend is coming up, this blog won’t be updated as it’s a busy time so I’ll catch you guys next week. Or, you follow the Twitter feed @gamingrumours or send an email to


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